Information on overseas shipping of our tea utensils.

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Kuriyamaen is a tea utensils specialty store that operates in Japan.
In order to deliver the tea ceremony and tea utensils that are recognized all over the world to many people, we have started selling to overseas through the proxy purchase site "Buyee".
In particular, second-hand goods called "DEMONO(出物)" are sold at low prices, which are masterpieces of the artist.
We hope that our tea utensils will help overseas customers to enjoy the tea ceremony.

Our tea utensils can be purchased and shipped overseas even by people outside Japan through the proxy purchase site "Buyee".
Click here for our shop page in "Buyee" or click the banner below.
Alternatively, you can purchase with "Buyee" by clicking the banner below from the product details page of this homepage.

For inquiries about tea utensils and troubles in shipping, please use "Buyee".
Please note that some tea utensils cannot be shipped overseas.
These tea utensils can no longer be purchased on "Buyee".

Please refer to the following for the weight that is a guideline for overseas shipping.
These numbers are for reference only and may be heavier or lighter.
Since the tea utensils are contained in a wooden box, the overall weight is usually between 1.5 and 2 times the weight of the main body described on the details page.

tea bowl(茶碗 chawan):350g ~ 1000g
water container(水指 mizusashi):1400g ~ 4000g
thin tea container(棗 natsume):150g ~ 400g
tea scoop(茶杓 chashaku):100g ~ 250g
kettle(釜 kama):3000g ~ 7000g
braizer(風炉 furo):7000g ~ 15000g
lid rest(蓋置 futaoki):100g ~ 300g
incense container(香合 kogo):50g ~ 500g
hanging scroll(掛軸 kakejiku):600g ~ 1200g
flower container(花入 hanaire):700g ~ 1500g
slop bowl(建水 kensui):400g ~ 1200g
kaigu(皆具):5000g ~ 8000g
bowl for sweets(菓子器 kashiki):600g ~ 4000g

Due to the nature of tea utensils, they are easily damaged, so we recommend using a plan with compensation.
If you suspect a transportation accident, please contact "Buyee".







茶碗:350g ~ 1000g
水指:1400g ~ 4000g
棗:150g ~ 400g
茶杓:100g ~ 250g
釜:3000g ~ 7000g
風炉:7000g ~ 15000g
蓋置:100g ~ 300g
香合:50g ~ 500g
掛軸:600g ~ 1200g
花入:700g ~ 1500g
建水:400g ~ 1200g
皆具:5000g ~ 8000g
菓子器:600g ~ 4000g